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Kansas Strip Steak (45+ Days Dry Aged) | 14oz

$49.99 each

This is what every NY Strip wants to be as a grown up, this is a steak worth bragging about. Fine silky marbling, amazing texture and flavor.... perfect tenderness and the distinct roasted, nutty flavor of a properly dry-aged steak.

Nothing like cooking this cut on the grill and teeing it up with a big glass of Red Wine. This will be one of the best steaks you have ever had. This is a center-cut today, meaning it is the perfect portion.

We only Dry Aged the best USDA Prime Steaks. Dry aging takes time, a keen eye for quality and a precise technique for the perfect ripening climate. We have it. A proper dry-age steak is expensive and usually found at only the best steakhouses.

This steak has been dry aged for at-least 45 days, but usually for 55-65 days.

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