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Natures Yoke

Natures Yoke Eggs, Large - 12 Count

Net Wt 1.28 lb
$3.99 each

Nature’s Yoke Legacy Free-Range Eggs have been part of families’ lives for decades.
These free-range hens are raised on Certified Humane family farms, which means there are no cages and the hens have access to pasture-like outdoor spaces for at least 6 hours per day. Except, of course, when it’s very cold or hot outside.
When our hens are indoors, they also get the extra special care that Certified Humane requires, with roomy nesting boxes, places to perch and no overcrowding.
Many families like yours have recently become aware of how hens are raised at conventional farms and, as a result, have decided to buy only free-range eggs.
They’ve made it clear they care about the humane treatment of animals as much as we do. But they also need to balance how much they spend on eggs against other things their family needs.
Nature’s Yoke Legacy Free-Range Eggs provide that balance because the hens are lovingly cared for and meet all the requirements of Certified Humane — without the extra cost of pasture raised or organic.