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Pickled Mushrooms - 1 Quart

$21.00 each

Our beautifully pickled mushrooms can help you add the perfect final touches on any dish. It does not matter if you are cooking an omelet, making pasta, pizza, salad, or chicken wings. These delicious pickled mushrooms are exactly what is missing from your dishes. It’s sweet, sour, and slightly chili taste is exactly what you need to refresh your taste pallet. A tangy and zesty blend that can be consumed as they are, or added to any dish of your choice. These gorgeous pickled mushrooms are picked fresh and thoroughly cleaned before being pickled. Making sure you get the perfect taste with each bite, so you can enjoy their refreshing and unique taste. These pickled mushrooms will be the perfect addition to any chef’s ingredient list, as it offers them the ability to take on different flavors and try to create unique and taste filled dishes they will love.