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Siberian Select Caviar, Pearl Street, 30g Jar (Farmed, China)

$65.00 each

Hybrid of the Siberian Sturgeon (Baerii), native to rivers running north draining into the Arctic Ocean, and the classic Ossetra, native to the Caspian Sea. Grow to be ~40 lb, they are long and thin to navigate rocky rivers in Siberia.

The water at the farm is released from springs drawing from Tibetan plateau. The farm is in rich truffle country. The mineral-rich water, from the high and arid landscape, produces caviar that is light and firm for the species

Our caviar specialists age this only 0-2 months until the salt is nicely balanced. Essence of the sea, velvety, with a hint of fruitiness – softer pearls. Popular in Japan.
Flavor stands up to pairings (steak tartar, sushi, soy sauce etc).