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Terracotta Pots 8"

$5.50 each

Get Terracotta Pots and Terracotta Saucers!
Terracotta pots make a beautiful, stylish addition to any patio or garden.
Made of eco-friendly material, it features drainage holes to prevent over-watering, helping to maintain happy and healthy plants.
For outdoor use, this pot will complement any of your favorite plants! Would also look great indoors, go for it!
The porous terracotta material allows your plant roots to breathe and prevents it from wading in water, which most plants do not like.
The drainage holes will also protect your plants from excess water.
Remember that the saucers are not porous and will hold water, so keep that in mind when watering or after a heavy rain.
Have a terracotta- lotta fun with these splendid pots and saucers!