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Trinca Mole Cola - 12.8 Fluid Ounces

$2.79 each

The MoleCola Soda was named after the Mole Antonelliana, a famous building in Torino that is pictured on the can.

The flavor is more delicate and more aromatic compared to the industrial version. In the Molecola there is less sugar and less acid, making the taste more delicate and persistent in the aftertaste.

You will notice that since the drink is less sweet it is also more thirst-quenching.

This Classic Cola is made in Italy using 100% Italian sugar produced by 5700 Italian farmers.

Enjoy this drink with an afternoon snack of grissini or Taralli, or pair with a slice of Pizza alla Pala!


Company History:
The Molecola was born in Torino in 2012 from the idea to create a Cola completely Italian. Using a recipe inspired by a famous book of Piemontese recipes written in 1854, and in collaboration with aromatics specialists in Firenze comes a soda that is delicious, refreshing, and natural.