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Bolling's Meat Market specializes in fresh-frozen meat. We double wrap and quick-freeze our meat to lock-in freshness. All of our meat is processed and frozen in the same day so there is no need to worry about the shelf life. Our meat wrapping style is designed so that our meat can be stored in a constant frozen state for up to 12 months and retain maximum quality.

We also offer a wide variety of fresh meat products. We have a daily fresh case which will typically include, hand-cut-to-order ribeyes, KC strips, bacon-wrapped filets, as well as t-bones, porterhouse, boneless pork chops, pork tenderloin, babyback ribs, and whole butts. We also carry a wide selection of deli meats and cheese. We offer specialty homemade sausages in Cajun, Brat, and Italian variety. We have 1/4 lb hotdogs, polish, hot smoked sausages as well as Ground Beef and Ground Pork patties. We have limited seafood including, Salmon, Catfish, Shrimp.

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