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Certified Organic
Natures Yoke

Natures Yoke Eggs, Organic, Large - 12 Count

Net Wt 1.29 lb
$8.49 each
Sorry, this item is not available in your area.

Nature’s Yoke Organic Free-Range Eggs are USDA Certified Organic.
Raised on small family farms with lots of latitude to roam, our organic free-range hens are fed an all-organic, non-GMO diet that makes their eggs as organic as they are.
Plus, our organic free-range farms are Certified Humane (as are all our free-range egg farms), so both our hens and the organic free-range brown eggs they lay are cared for at the highest standard.
In fact, we put the same care and love into our organic free-range eggs that you put into the choices you make for your family.
So, if eating organic matters to you, you can trust that supporting your choice matters just as much to us.

We're committed to social & environmental responsibility

We believe that building a strong community is about more than just the bottom line.We strive to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.