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Shop Smart Foods- Cave Junction is now available online!

Located at 205 Watkins St in Cave Junction, OR, Shop Smart Foods- Cave Junction is now available for online ordering. Our aim is to offer consumers the same selection and quality as we offer in our store with the convenience of ordering from the comfort of their home, in the office, or on-the-go. If there is a product that we sell in our store that you don't see available online, please let us know.

CEO - Karl Wissmann
  • Store history
    • Joined Mercato 2020
  • Store hours
    • Monday-Friday: 9:00am-8:00pm
    • Saturday: 9:00am-8:00pm
    • Sunday: 9:00am-8:00pm
  • Store inventory
    • 14,477 items available
  • Pricing
    • Order min: $20.00
  • Delivery fees
    • Local delivery: available
  • Faith P. Selma, OR
     1 month ago
  • CC
    Cheryl C.
     6 months ago
    Four stars because, every time I call the store to tell them that I am there, the phone rings FOREVER, and nobody answers it. I had to run down a guy who works there, who just happened to be in the parking lot, and tell him that I was there for a pickup. HE was very nice, but what's up with never answering the phone at CJ Shop Smart? The guy in the parking lot was exceptionally nice and helpful, but whoever is in charge of answering the phone, uh, not good. They were also out of 2 of the items that I ordered. It seems the shelves are getting emptier and emptier, but that just might NOT be their fault, but I don't know. What is worst about this store is that they unconstitutionally refuse to CHECK OUT ANYONE WHO CHOOSES NOT TO WEAR A MASK, which means that they are keeping people FROM BUYING FOOD IF THEY WILL NOT PUT ON A MASK AT THE CHECKOUT COUNTER!!!! By the time you get there, and then check out, you are ready to walk a very short distance and leave the store, and yet I walk all over the store shopping with no mask and nobody says anything to me. I WISH THEY WOULD NOT SAY ANYTHING TO ME AT ALL ABOUT NOT WEARING A MASK. I have both a NATURAL RIGHT and a RELIGIOUS RIGHT NOT to wear a mask, no matter what Kate Brown's whims are. She has NO RIGHT to REQUIRE me to breathe in my own CO2, and mask debris while shopping. She has NO RIGHT to DENY ME, or anyone else who chooses not to wear a mask the RIGHT to buy food. If she does, this is straight up DISCRIMINATION, AND STORE POLICY IS IRRELEVANT. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BUY FOOD, SO THAT THEY DO NOT STARVE OR GO HUNGRY, AND KATE BROWN'S WHIMS DO NOT MATTER. AS FAR AS I KNOW, NO OREGON LEGISLATURE HAS PASSED A REAL LAW, (BECAUSE IT WOULD BE UNCONSTITUTIONAL, I ASSUME), SAYING THAT PEOPLE ARE 'REQUIRED" TO WEAR MASKS. THEY SAY IT IS "VOLUNTARY," AND I DO NOT "VOLUNTEER," AND I HAVE THAT RIGHT. I HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE I AM NOT A "US CITIZEN," AND I AM NOT AN "OR RESIDENT." I AM AN AMERICAN STATE NATIONAL, AND I HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND NATURAL RIGHTS, AND NEITHER KATE BROWN NOR ANYONE ELSE CAN TAKE THOSE FROM ME. SHE CANNOT TELL ME THAT I HAVE TO WEAR A MASK IN ORDER TO BUY FOOD. PERIOD, AND THE PEOPLE IN THE GROCERY STORES SHOULD NOT PREVENT PEOPLE FROM BUYING FOOD IF THEY CHOOSE NOT TO "VOLUNTEER" TO WEAR MASKS. THIS IS WHY I BUY ONLINE IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO EVEN DO THAT. I BUY ONLINE SIMPLY BECAUSE I WILL NOT WEAR A MASK. PERIOD. AND THERE IS NO LAW, REAL LAW, PASSED BY THE OREGON LEGISLATURE THAT SAYS I MUST WEAR A MASK. NO GOVERNOR CAN "MAKE LAWS" PERIOD. THEY DO NOT HAVE THAT AUTHORITY, AND ONE OF THESE DAYS, STORES ARE GOING TO START GETTING SUED, AND CITIZEN ARRESTS CAN ALSO BE MADE TO PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO ALLOW OTHER HUMAN BEINGS LIKE THEMSELVES TO BUY FOOD WITHOUT WEARING A MASK. THEY NEED TO CHECK THE REAL LAWS BEFORE THEY GET INTO TROUBLE.
  • PG
    Pamela G. Cave Junction, OR
     6 months ago
    The only reason I am of giving my experience give stars is because I got a couple of wrong items and had to take them back and exchange them. Otherwise it was a great experience. I really like the convenience of .com g my shopping from home and just running into two to pick up my groceries.
  • CC
    Cheryl C.
     6 months ago
    Everything went fine. It was a pleasure.
  • CC
    Cheryl C.
     7 months ago
    Only 4 stars because I did have to wait about 20 minutes to get my order delivered, (I was in the parking lot), the store was also out of 3 items I ordered, but other than that it was fine. The young man who brought my groceries out was very polite, and the following is NOT his fault. The reason I ordered curb side service in the first place was because, at least I don't have to wear a dumb, completely USELESS mask just so that I can buy groceries so that I can EAT. If I go inside the store, I end up getting very upset, because they insist that ALL people wear masks. This is pure discrimination against people who choose NOT to wear masks, and we have a natural right NOT to wear masks if that is what we choose to do, no matter what the so called "Governor's" whims are. This also violates our Constitutional right to freedom of movement. It violates the Nuremberg Code & UNESCO, (Article 6, Sections 1 & 3), it could also be considered FALSE ARREST, (of me), and more. It violates UNESCO statement on bioethics and human rights, which says the following: Article 6, Section 1. "ANY PREVENTIVE, [such as a requirement to wear a mask], DIAGNOSTIC, [such as a requirement to be tested or have our temperature taken], and THERAPEUTIC, [such as vaccinations, pills etc], medical interventions should be carried out ONLY with the PRIOR, FREE AND INFORMED CONSENT OF THE PERSON CONCERNED, on the basis of adequate information. If necessary, CONSENT MUST BE expressed, and can be REVOKED BY THE PERSON CONCERNED at ANY TIME AND FOR ANY REASON." This store could be sued for violating these rights of the people, and Kate Brown could also be held responsible for these violations against freedom. The people involved in exercising this tyranny could also be personally sued. Cashiers are already being threatened with fines and/or being fired by the store, (according to what they, themselves have told me), if they do not enforce this ridiculous so called "mandate." Mandates are NOT LAW. They could also be subject to Citizens Arrest by customers notifying the local Sheriff of these violations of their rights. They refuse to check out anyone who is not wearing a mask, which also means that Shop Smart is PREVENTING PEOPLE FROM BUYING GROCERIES, and thus preventing them from eating. There are only two grocery stores in my town, and they both "require" that masks be worn. Shop Smart really needs to RECONSIDER this policy, as does the other store as well. The aforementioned laws supersede both the whims of Kate Brown and Store Policy as well. You also might want to check into these things with a COMPETENT attorney, who will tell you the truth. If this does not stop, the people responsible could get into a lot of trouble, even if they are doing it ignorantly. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
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