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Deli Mustard - 1 Pint

$5.00 each

Deli mustard is an all-American invention that is brought together using coarsely ground mustard seeds. Bringing forward a smooth and strong mustard flavor that goes perfectly on sandwiches and burgers. While deli mustard is a simple addition, it packed heaps of flavor that makes all the difference. With touches of both sweet and savory, it offers you a collaboration that will blow you away. Making sure you can play around with flavors and really create the perfect blend that matches your taste buds perfectly. Our deli mustard is crafted using premium-grade materials that ensure taste and texture. So you can enjoy a beautifully crafted deli mustard sauce that bursts with flavors and is a delight you enjoy every day. Once you taste our deli mustard you will forget about all others, as it comes with an all-American taste that is familiar and loved.