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Dijon Mustard - 1 Pint

$8.00 each

Dijon mustard is a must-have in every household, as its delicious scent, comes with a charming taste that you will love. Prepared to perfection using quality ingredients and a tried and tested blend that will leave you speechless. The mustard comes with a smooth texture followed by a strong flavor. With touches of vinegar, but a creamy taste that you can easily pair with different types of meats.The blend we offer is not too hot, or too mild, but right in the middle, making sure everyone can enjoy its exquisite taste. Add it on any burger, sandwich, or have it on the side of any savory dish and you will be able to enjoy its true essence. What makes dijon mustard stand out is its rich taste that goes perfectly on the side. A true all-American blend that is packed with taste and flavor.