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Pavesi Gocciole Cookies - 17 Fluid Ounces

$7.69 each

The 'Gocciole' cookies from Pavesini are tasty and irresistible shortbread cookies with dark chocolate drops. The name Gocciola comes from Goggia that means a drop in Italian. If you look at the shape of this cookie you can see the drop shape.

Enjoy Gocciole cookies with a good cup of coffee or milk.

Company History:
The story of the Pavesi company started in 1937 when Mario Pavesi started to make cookies in a small oven in Novara. Mario’s products were so popular that in 1940 the small production turned to industrial production.
In the early nineties, Pavesi became part of the Mulino Bianco, which started a major relaunch, production, and distribution program.
The Mulino Bianco brand is a voice of Italian tradition, and their sweet products are everyday icons. Mulino Bianco recipes honor the past in the present. Embark on a journey through Italian history with every product they bake.