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Pink Himalayan Salt - Fine - 400g - Naturally Fortified - Shan Brand

$5.99 each

Pink Himalayan Salt - Fine - 400g - Naturally Fortified - Shan Brand
Shan Virgin Pink Himalayan Salt. Himalayan Pink Salt originates from fossil marine salt deposits, formed during the Jurassic Era, where it has been preserved and kept pure for over 250 million years.

Shielded from impurities and pollutants, this rare and extraordinary salt is hand harvested from the ancient sea salt deposits in the Pristine Himalayan Mountains, where the salt from the ancient ocean was pushed towards the northern part of the mountain range into a high plateau and was compacted with magma fluids originating from deep within the earth.

These mineral infiltrations enrich the salt and provide it with unique characteristics identified by its Himalayan origin, especially the amazing pink colour caused by the high natural iron content.

Naturally Fortified Virgin Pink Himalayan Salt in its natural state - free from impurities of any kind, having delectable & delicious flavour, rare crystalline structure, and naturally fortified with 84 trace minerals

Does not contain iodide

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Nett Product Weight: 400g