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Premium Oysters Dozen

$24.99 each

Our premium live oyster variety will vary daily from Kusshi, Kumamoto and Shigoku-flavor profiles listed below.
Kumamoto: This oyster is originally from the Kumamoto area of Kyushu, Japan. It is slow growing and small in size with a very deep cup. Rich in flavor, almost buttery, and slightly salty. The finish is sweet, mildly fruity with a light metallic flavor.

Shigoku oyster is a suspended culture pacific oyster that is repeatedly tumbled during the course of its grow-out. It is raised in two different Washington locations; coastal Willapa Bay and Puget Sound. This oyster takes almost two years to grow. Flavor tends to be salty, mildly sweet, with a long fruity finish.

The Kusshi is a suspended tray grown pacific oyster that is repeatedly tumbled during the course of its grow out. It is raised in Deep Bay, which is on the east side of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The frequent tumbling is labor intensive and time consuming but produces an incredibly round and uniform oyster with a smooth, hard shell. Its flavor tends to start salty, then turns quite sweet thanks to the plump full meat, and finishes with a mildly fruity aftertaste.