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White Horseradish - 1 Pint

$9.00 each

The white horseradish possesses a powerful flavor, that is mostly hotter than others. With its spicy and strong flavor, you get a tangy zest that completely changes its final flavor. So when you consume white horseradish you will feel an intense taste that changes as you chew. Keeping up with its intense flavor, while offering you a smooth and charming aftertaste. While intense the white horseradish won’t burn your tongue, yet offer you a spicy experience that is more bearable. Paired beautifully with different dishes the white horseradish is a class in its own, carefully crafted to offer you a powerful punch of flavors. This white horseradish will leave you speechless in terms of taste and texture. Bursting with bold and intense flavors the white horseradish comes with an all-American taste that you will love.