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Whole Grain Mustard - 1 Pint

$8.00 each

The bold and beautiful whole grain mustard is stronger than any other mustard sauce out there. Known for its bold flavors and beautiful texture the whole grain mustard is a must-have for sandwich lovers. They say no sandwich is complete without an even spread of whole grain mustard, of you can enjoy a rich and powerful taste and texture like no other. Prepared using a traditional technique, our whole grain mustard offers you a chock-full jar that is a beautiful blend between white wine vinegar and mustard seeds. So you can enjoy its distinct texture, with a one of a kind tangy taste. Adding the perfect touch to rosts, marination, and so much more. With the perfect level of heat, this whole grain mustard is an absolute must-have in your pantry. As its all-American flavors ensure a rich flavor that fits your tastebuds.