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Flannery “Jorge” Ribeye (36 oz)

1,035 on Yelp
$110.00 each

"For all other intents and purposes, this is a Bone-in Ribsteak, with a few specific details. Cut only from the chuck end of the Rib, the Jorge steak has a large amount of the Ribeye ""Cap"". This also means that it has a large amount of internal fat (in addition to marbling). Lastly, rather than being cut based on thickness or weight, the Jorge Ribsteak comprises of an entire beef rib - which explains the varying weight. Each dry aged rib will serve 2-4 people, depending on appetites.

Where this cut truly stands out, however, is in presentation. Weighing in at roughly 2-2.5lbs and standing 3"" thick, the Jorge Ribsteak has the true look of a champion."

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