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Four Letter Word Coffee, Ethiopia Mensur Aba Hika, 10 oz

$13.99 each

Most coffees from Ethiopia comes from a specific Cooperative, wherein many small farm holders from that region/cooperative deliver their cherries to get processed.
This particular coffee comes from a single farm, produced by Mensur Aba Hika. This means that the coffee is farmed and processed by him. A single farm offering from Ethiopia is rare, and very exciting.
Mensur Aba Hika’s Farm is just over 18 hectares at 2000mASL. He averages a drying time of 15-20 days, once picked and sorted and set out for fermentation. Heirloom references to varieties in Ethiopia may sound familiar. This lot has more of an identity that reflects the pursuit to understand the variances with in the coffees that grow in Ethiopia, the origin of all coffees. 74110 is used as a reference by researchers from JARC, from a selection of the mother tree producing this variety in 1974 in Bishari village of the Metu province in the Illuababora zone in western Ethiopia. The seeds from this mother tree were collected to raise offspring for research. After confirming the variety’s CBD resistance and high-yield potential through a series of experiments the selection was approved in 1979 as an improved variety for agroecology. Since its release it has become one of the most famous and propagated varieties in Ethiopia, known for its floral and citrus flavor profile.

LOCATION: Kota, Goma

REGION: Jimma, Oromia

PROCESS: Natural

VARIETY: 74110


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