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Garlic Stuffed Olives - 1 Quart

$19.00 each

Our garlic stuffed olives offer a fresh taste with heaps of flavor. A strong garlic flavor that is infused in these garlic stuffed olives. We take fresh green olives that are pitted, once checked they are stuffed with garlic cloves to ensure a packed punch of garlic. Olives are known for their antioxidants, offering your body endless health benefits from reducing blood pressure, or lowering cholesterol. We are offering you garlic stuffed olives that pack a bold flavor, along with health benefits you can take complete advantage of. So add a touch of freshness to your vegetable platter or salad with our garlic stuffed olives. As they offer a unique and refreshing taste that grows with every bite. A wonderful treat to have around the house, as it can be consumed in many different ways. Start by pairing our stuffed garlic olives with savory dishes, and enjoy the beautiful taste they bring to the dish.