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Jalapeno Stuffed Olives - 1 Gallon

$64.00 each

Our jalapeno stuffed olives merge fresh and juicy green olives with fresh jalapenos. These olives are prepared and stuffed with flavor-packed jalapenos, creating a sophisticated flavor that you will love. Our olives are carefully hand-filled, so each one can carry out the same intensity of flavor. Making sure no olive is different in taste than the rest. Bring a touch of freshness in terms of taste, why adding a tangy flavor to the mix with our jalapeno stuffed olives. These olives possess the perfect body, with a taste that stands out from the rest. You can use the jalapeno stuffed olives to add anything from cocktails, to your appetizer and main courses. Each bite is a celebration between the taste of olive and jalapeno, combined with any flavors of your choice. The mix can help add to the flavor of your dish without overpowering the entire dish.