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Kalamata Olives - 0.5 Gallons

$31.00 each

Our kalamata olive features a large dark purple shade, that comes with a smooth yet meaty texture. The olives are named after the city located in the southern Peloponnese in Greece. These olives are reserved for the best. We are offering you gorgeous kalamata olives that pack heavy in terms of flavor and benefits. So you can enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to taste and health advantages. Our secret mix ensures that each kalamata olive is packed with a fruity and wine-like flavor. Which means you can easily add these olives in drinks, or foods of your choice. Adding a refreshing touch that takes you away from the daily flavors, adding a more exotic feel and flavor to your dish. No matter if you add these olives to a salad or just top off your pizza, you are in for a real treat.