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Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375 ML

58 on Yelp
$21.95 each

This early harvest green Picual is savory and grassy, displaying stunning notes of tomato leaf, savory artichoke and green apple. This Picual has pleasing pepper notes with a medium intensity in bitterness. Truly a well balanced oil.

Biophenols: 355.1 FFA: .17
Oleic Acid: 76.2 Peroxide: 4.0
DAGs: 96.8 PPP: <1.0
Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness: 5.0 Bitterness: 4.0 Pungency: 4.0
*As measured at the time of crush.
Country of Origin: Spain (IOO100) November 2019

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