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Pimento Olives - 1 Quart

$17.00 each

Our exquisite pimento olives are inspired by the first pimentos stuffed olive in the 17th Century. Back then pimento was used to cut down the bitter taste of olives. We take on delicious and freshly grown olives that are stuffed with pimentos. The collaboration of green olives and red pimento is undoubtedly a classic pairing, but we add a little extra to the mix to ensure a peerless experience. As pimento is a slightly sweeter and aromatic addition, it takes on a different taste journey when compared with other red peppers. Our secret touch is what makes these delicious pimento olives a delicious snack on its own, or you can use them to add flavor and texture to your martini’s, snacks, or appetizers. As they hold such a refreshing taste that will add to your pallet.