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Sliced Hot Peppers - 1 Quart

$15.00 each

Our sliced hot peppers feature an array of hot peppers that are harvested during their peak season. These sliced hot peppers pack a great punch in terms of spicy flavors. With hot peppers taken from all over the world, we offer you freshly sliced hot peppers that will take you on a heated journey. These sliced hot peppers are easy to use, as you can add them to any snack, appetizer, or main course without dealing with the hassle of slicing them before you use them. We offer you a full jar packed of sliced hot peppers that include the perfect level of hot. If you can take on different chilies and are prepared to take on the next level then our sliced hot peppers are the perfect next step. Simply sprinkle them and enjoy a juicy, crunchy, and hot flavor that goes wonderfully with snacks, different meats, pasta, pizza, and other dishes.