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Caravaglio - Salina Bianco Malvasia

$21.89 each

The Aeolian island of Salina, just north of Sicily, has been the home of the Caravaglio family since the 1500's. They were among a handful of Spanish families invited to the island to develop agriculture in the 16th century. Composed of six volcanoes, Salina is covered in vegetation - ferns, poplars and chestnut trees blanket the mountainsides. The Volcanic sand and rock that make up the island's soil make it well suited for growing incredible quality grapes, capers and olives. Sitting between 600 and 1200 feet above sea level, most of the estate's vines are ungrafted, having been protected from phylloxera by the sea winds and the mineral composition of the soil.

Tasting Notes: Historically produced as a sweet wine, Antonino Caravaglio crafted the Island of Salinas' first dry Malvasia in 2010. The 2018 vintage of this wine is excellent - sea breezes and Meyer lemon on the nose, with subtle hints of peach. The spray of the ocean is captured in the bottle - wind-blown wild grass and herbs. On the palate, the wine is loaded with tart citrus and salty minerality. Underipe yellow peach appears in the background. Light bodied, but with sturdy acidity and texture. Grilled seafood comes to mind immediately, but this would work equally well with the opposite - Seafood Crudo would pair brilliantly alongside this ultra-crisp, salt and lemon scented wine. The acidity would also work well as a counterpoint to fried first courses – Fritto Misto di Mare or Arancini would be very appropriate.