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Oat-Ly! Oat-Milk, Full Fat - 64 Ounces

$8.79 each

The original. No dairy. No nuts. No gluten. Certified Gluten-free. Certified vegan. Non GMO Project verified. It's got DHA Omega 3. Shake me! Wow no cow! It takes brains to be stupid. We must look extremely dumb some-times. Little Oatly in the south of Sweden thinking we can help the food industry become more accountable for it's actions. There's probably a CEO or two looking down on us right now thinking - haha you idiots! That's okay, we didn't expect the establishment to be happy when we took our production chain and made it transparent for everyone on the internet. At you can read not only about every ingredient that goes into our products but also where each ingredient comes from. That way you can see all our faults and follow every improvement we make. After all, trust is earned through actions, not talk. However smart or stupid that sounds, one thing is for sure. It's so true. You are one of us now. That is not a headline I wrote myself. I actually read it some-where and though it was great so I borrowed it and stuck it on this package. Oh, you say, that is not very original. Can't you come up with your own headline? Before i answer that question, I would like you to consider that you are now part of growing group of people who understand the benefits of eating and drinking plants so their bodies feel good and so the planet can better cope with the impact we humans place on it. Regarding the headline, true artists steal with pride, and I am just an honest person who's unafraid to admit my own shortcomings. The boring (but very important) side. If this side bores you, please read no further. Flip the carton around and have a wonderful day. Otherwise, please do enjoy. Please recycle.