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Sour Kraut - 1 Quart

$9.00 each

Our beautiful sour kraut is known for it’s classic yet charming taste. With the perfect sour kraut, you can achieve a crunch and delicious taste that will speak to your sour side. A tangy and tasty addition to your meal, these sour krauts are a gem in disguise. Crafted by picking fresh kraut that is treated and then picked using a traditional method. We add a special and secret mix to the process allowing these sour krauts to take on its delicious flavor. Packed in airtight jars these sour krauts will give you a fresh crunch, with a sour note that will blow you away. What is truly amazing about these sour kraut’s is that you can easily add them to any salad, or appetizer of your choice. While using them to add a crunch and sour taste to your sandwich, hot dog, or burger.