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Zen Wtr

Zen Wtr Essentials Alkaline Water, Lifestyle, Vapor Distilled - 33.8 Ounces

$2.19 each

Vapor distilled and ionized to reach pH of 9.5, Zen Wtr is the perfect choice for crisp pure water. Vapor distilled 9.5 pH high alkaline. +9.5 (Approximately 9.5 pH) pH. Electrolytes. High (Approximately 9.5 pH) pH. Vapor distilled water and electrolytes for taste. Refresh yourself, restore the ocean. NYSHD Cert. 623. For water quality & info: 833-33-Bezen. 100% recycled ocean plastic (Bottles made from 100% post consumer resin recovered from marine environments. Closure and label made from 100% recyclable materials). Verified PCR content recyclable consumer plastic. Zen Wtr is on a mission to help our environment by using 100% post consumer resin from marine environments. Every Zen Water bottle helps rid our oceans of plastic. BPA free. 100% recyclable plastic bottle.